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Karma Organic is Rocking the Beauty Industry

With the organic movement in full swing, headlined by the First Lady’s organic garden at the White House, the chic and savvy will opt for nothing but organic nail polish treatments on their summer toes and hands. At Karma Organic Spa’s two New Jersey locations, in Ridgewood and Englewood, environmentally-conscious clients have assured a focus on the natural nail, as well as an amazing boutique spa experience. The smell of fresh lavender, mint, geranium, and rosemary wafts down the street, enticing passing pedestrians and leading them to the door of this attractive haven.


Vegan-friendly, Cruelty-free & Natural

Since opening, Karma Organic Spa quickly became a can't-miss destination in the quaint suburban town of Ridgewood. Owner Nausil Zaheer designed the spa with natural, non-toxic, and recycled materials, from the paint on the walls to the bamboo flooring, providing a Zen-like atmosphere for clients. The spa even tidies up with non-toxic, green products, and all products are packaged in recycled materials. The second location in Englewood continues this tradition of natural, environmentally-safe elegance. Zaheer's inspiration came from years of experience with standard commercial beauty products. Zaheer dreamed of creating a salon destination where people could feel safe knowing that they would not be exposed to the chemicals found in many of the products in conventional salons.

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Life is not perfect, but your nails can be!

The Journey So Far

Zaheer trained at the Lia Schorr Institute in New York and became a celebrity manicurist working on various types of photo shoots and commercial print advertisements.Shortly after opening, Zaheer decided to take his project a step forward and is working with others to develop his own line of non-toxic polishes, free from the big three, toluene, formaldehyde, and DBP, as well as a completely organic nail polish remover, derived from soy.