Organic Nail Polish

Organic Nail Polish – Stylish and Safe Option for Your Nails

Who doesn’t love a gorgeous nail color to complete a chic look for the day? Nail polishes are a staple makeup essential for any fashionista. However, it is vital to educate oneself about the harm regular nail polishes pose to our wellbeing. This involves making a conscious choice to shift from using harmful chemical-based makeup products to organic products. Organic nail polish is the simple, accessible and non-toxic alternative. With so many beautiful varieties of colors of organic nail polish, you wouldn’t ever feel the need to go back to using regular nail polish.

Why Avoid Conventional Nail Polishes?

Conventional nail polishes pose several health hazards. Unfortunately, many of the most popular nail polishes often use chemicals which are extremely harmful to our health. These include toluene, DBP (dibutyl phthalate), formaldehyde, and camphor, to name a few. Dibutyl phthalate disrupts hormonal balance in the body and is particularly dangerous for females. Toluene, in vapor form, is highly toxic. It can lead to impairment of proper brain functioning, hearing problems and breathing complications. Formaldehyde can be carcinogenic in high amounts. Camphor can cause allergies and symptoms such as dizziness and severe headaches upon inhalation.

The Solution – Go Organic!

Just because there are harmful chemicals plaguing most of the makeup industry doesn’t mean that you must sacrifice your love for nail paints. Organic nail polish is a wonderful substitute. At Karma Organic Spa, we specialize in giving you the best quality nail polish without compromising on your health.

Karma Organic nail polishes are free from all toxic chemicals with zero reduction in quality. We have an array of gorgeous colors to grace your nails without harm. Some amazing Karma Organic nail polish colors that you will fall in love with are Universal Appeal, Madison Ave, Red and Even, May Blossoms, Little Blue Box, Farmer’s Market Berries, Don’t be Hatin and Christmas in July. Our 2-in-1 base and topcoat give your nails a luster surpassing the quality rendered by an average nail polish. Cruelty-free, as they are not tested on animals, and free of all toxins, Karma Organic nail polishes are safe for use by everyone.

Colorful, Cruelty-Free, and Strong Nails with Organic Nail Polish

Free of all toxic chemicals and constituents, all organic nail polishes at Karma Organic Spa come in a variety of gorgeous colors. Besides being completely non-toxic, organic nail polish also has the properties of bringing about shine and strength in your nails through its amazing calcium and coffee extract formula. The result: no yellowing or chipping in your precious nails.

Organic products help us live better and save our environment from further harm. A simple swipe of the bold nail color along your nail may be a contributing factor to either good to your being, or harm to both your health and the environment. Organic nail polish gives your nails a lustrous finish while promoting nail growth and health. With organic nail polish, there is no need to compromise on health for the sake of trendy fashion when you can have both!