Organic Gel Nail Polish

Give your nails a perfect treatment this week with organic gel nail polish from Karma Organic! Our special formulas bring out the best combination of flamboyant colors and friendliness to your body and the Earth. Karma Organic gel nail polishes come in a huge variety of colors and finishes including glossy, matte, and glow-in-the-dark, and our formula uses no harsh chemicals, making our organic gel nail polish safer for everyone.

At Karma Organic, we are very proud to uphold our tradition of never using any toxic chemicals like formaldehyde and formaldehyde resin, toluene, TPHB, DBP, xylene, parabens, or any others. Our products are purely organic, just like our name would suggest, and are safe for children, pregnant women, medical patients, and anyone else normally sensitive to chemicals in nail polish, as we use none of those chemicals.

We maintain high standards for our organic gel polish during all steps of its manufacture. Not only is our formula non-toxic and fully organic, but it also produces a non-yellowing, durable, chip-resistant, richly-colored finish that will have your nails looking their best without any harsh odors. Karma Organic nail polish is also healthy for your nails, using a unique strengthening formula derived from extracts of coffee and calcium instead of the more commonly-used formaldehyde (which actually weakens nails and is a major cause of splitting and breaking). Use of our organic gel nail polish will not just beautify your nails but nourish the nails and nail beds.

We are equally proud of our nail polish removers, which can remove all types of nail polish with only one swipe. Our removers work perfectly on Karma Organic as well as other, traditional nail polish brands. We use all-natural oils with a lovely fragrance that could not be more different than the potent reek of acetone. Of course, we have an unscented version as well for those of you with extra-sensitive noses. Our nail polish removers use nourishing oils like soybean oil, tea tree oil, and vitamin E oil that increase the health of your nails and nail beds rather than damaging them like acetone-based removers. Our nail polish removers never leave color stains behind and a little goes a long way. We also have nail polish remover wipes for travel, with compact and easy-to-open packaging that fits anywhere in the purse.

All our products are non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, and are cruelty-free and never tested on animals. Our packaging is also environmentally friendly, using only biodegradable and recyclable materials.

Karma Organic nail polishes and removers are currently available in over 40 whole food markets. Our stellar worldwide service and the quality of our company and products have risen the standards of organic gel nail polish. Our excellent customer service and five-star reviews are reflections of our quality.