Vegan Nail Polish

Some nail polish manufacturers — too many, we believe — will do anything just to push out their products at a low cost for themselves. This is why the ingredients sections for many nail polish brands tend to contain chemicals like formaldehyde, acetone, toluene, triphenyl phosphate (TPHP), and dibutyl phthalate (DBP). Numerous studies have proven that all of these substances are harmful to humans, and they can have a deleterious effect on the body after long-term exposure. However, they are also capable of being used to inexpensively produce nail polish. 

No potential benefits of using these compounds to manufacture nail polish could ever outweigh the negative side effects of coating your nails with chemicals. We firmly believe this at Karma Organic Spa, and that is why we do not use any of them in our own beauty products. Vegan nail polish is one of Karma Organic Spa’s specialties, in addition to our organic gel nail polish and our organic nail polish remover. These products, as well as everything else we offer, are made exclusively with all-natural. This means you can paint your nails in 100 different colors, over and over, without putting your health at risk.

Karma Organic Spa was founded on more than just health safety. Our vegan nail polish is also created without any animal byproducts or any animal testing. The process we use to manufacture this, and all of our other organic nail polish brands as well is not just toxin-free, but also cruelty-free. Our company is committed to environmental protection and conservation. We manage to create economically priced, high-quality, chip-resistant, and glamorous organic nail polish without harming human life, animal life, or the environment at large.

Get your own Karma Organic vegan nail polish today. Visit our website for more information and access to our full inventory of organic products. Made in the USA